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About Alé


Alé Cardinalle, MSW, founder of Wild Heart Collective, is an international adoptee from Brazil and has years of experience as an online coach, working with emotional eaters at Out of the Cave, LLC, is a trained psychotherapist, and works with an adoptees, adoptive families, and as a consultant to those seeking to portray adoption in media.


After overcoming debilitating mental illness (stemming from adoption trauma) herself, Alé went onto earn a master of social work from New York University. Post graduation, Alé found the world of online coaching and has been using her expertise in stress and anxiety management and self-compassion to help countless people.


While engaging in online communities of fellow adoptees navigating life out of the fog, she built a Tiktok community of nearly 40,000 followers.


With the feedback from these communities, coupled with her own experiences with issues surrounding mental health, and her own schooling, Alé developed a group program to help adoptees heal inside a like-minded community.

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