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Adoptee Group Coaching and Support 

Education | Connection | Healing | Community
Read what I offer inside of my group coaching and support program for adoptees.  This opportunity blends expert psychoeducation with the warmth of a close-knit community. See if this supportive community of like-minded adoptees who understand your journey is right for you. 


What if...

  • What if... you were part of a community of adoptees where you could be seen, heard, and understood…


  • What if… you were able live alongside your adoption trauma while building the tools you need to enjoy your one precious life and truly and deeply experience peace…


  • What if… you were able to make decisions from a place of self-love and respect, able to fully relax, and meet triggers and stressors from a place of calm and wisdom…


...without having to educate anyone on the harm that adoption causes on a systemic and personal level 

The Walls You May Be Running Into

Many adoptees (including myself) have experienced...
  • Going to a professional for support and having to use the time to educate that person on adoption and adoption trauma

  • Being in community and feeling seen by adoptees but missing the component of personal growth and healing

  • We may have some loved ones that kind of "get it" or try to but we find ourselves longing for a deeper connection 

  • Sadly, we may begin to believe that a baseline of "meh" is the best life has in store for us

  • Once in a blue moon, we think we have found a solution, but It doesn't stick, and we wind up fearing that nothing works.

Eventually, we may resign to the belief that no healing space has been designed with us in mind. 

But it that is NO LONGER the case!


Why I'm Different

  • I’ll provide psychoeducation, along with proven systems & structure transform your relationship to stress and anxiety, develop a meaningful self-compassion practice, and teach you to have hard conversations in a way that preserves your honor and dignity

  • This isn’t simply theory to me, this is my lived experience as an adoptee, and I continuously move through this work 

  • I am a professionally trained psychotherapist, this is not required to be a “coach.” My MSW credential allows for peace of mind, my methodology is evidence-based

  • ​I have been intentional about creating this program for you to learn tools and skills relevant to adoptees and our unique experience while being supported, seen, heard, and validated by your peers

  • I am 100% results-driven - while I am happy to support you for as long as you may need, our work will be about building the healthiest, most secure relationship with yourself

  • While I am here to lead and facilitate the group, my greater purpose is to open the floor for you to share space with other adoptees in a structured environment with safety, bravery, and vulnerability in mind

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Who I Work With

I have designed this program for:
  • Adoptees who are out of the fog and dealing with stress, anxiety, struggling in their relationships, may be experiencing feelings of low self worth, and/or navigating grief

  • International, domestic, transracial, foster-care, and kinship adoptees who are adults [This curriculum is not designed to support those adopted by a step-parent nor those adopted as adults, or adoptees under 18]

How It Works

This group program will meet for 10 sessions via 2 hour zoom calls. Each call will begin with an evidence-based psychoeducation on the topics listed below. There will be time for questions and then we will move into a community sharing circle.


  • We need to get on our own team and off our own backs, that's is necessarily step one! Learn to embrace yourself, unconditionally. Develop the powerful skill of self-compassion to heal old wounds and nurture personal growth. Together, we will build a foundation of both tender and fierce self-compassion, based on the research findings of Dr. Kristen Neff, with a focus on self kindness, being present in your own life, and connectedness. 

Stress and Anxiety Management

  • Stress and anxiety is a lot easier to manage when we have a clear picture of what it actually is.  In the clearest, easiest to understand terms, I will give you an overview of the evolutionary purpose of stress and anxiety, what goes on in our brains that causes fear to be so intrusive, and what happens inside our body when we are triggered.  Being empowered with knowledge in the first step in awareness and being an objective observer during difficult moments.

Learn to Relax

  • Relaxation is a learned behavior, and just like our triceps when we lift weights, it is a muscle that can be toned and made stronger.  You will learn a variety of relaxation techniques and be able to choose which ones feel best for you, and take those with you for the rest of your life.


Conscious Communication

  • Master the art of having hard conversations, fostering deeper connections with others and yourself. Unearth the keys to expressing your authentic self, while setting boundaries from an empowered place. 


Grief Work

  • Adoption begins with loss. Learn to ride the wave and survive the pangs of what was and what could have been.

When you sign on, you will receive...

  • 10 weeks of detailed curriculum

  • 1 weekly 2 hour Zoom group session

  • Weekly "homework" to help integrate skills and deepen the work

  • 24/7 Access to a private group forum

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